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This is the simple practice app for managing questions and answers. It uses JQuery, Ajax, PHP and Bootstrap for UI.

App is free it and you can use it anyway you like.

Author : Janko Prester
Web Site : Janko Prester Portfolio

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SEARCH : Search question by the keyword. If you leave the field empty it will search all questions.

NEW QUESTION : Inserts new question. Choose category, write question and answer. You are not requied to write answer immediately, you can do it later. Until then, question will remain unanswered.

SELECT CATEGORY : You can select various question categories. Last in the list is the "new category" link, which opens the form where you can edit, delete or inesert new category. (NOTE: in order to delete category, you have to delete all questions from this category!)

LIST ALL/ANSWERED/UNANSWERED : List questions depending if they are answered or not.

OPEN ANSWER : In order to see the answer just click on the question, and the answer will open below.

EDIT QUESTION : You can edit the chooesn question if you click on the button "edit" . In the new window you can change category, and/or edit question and answer.