My name is Janko Prester I work as Front-End/Web developer.

// Details about me

const name = 'Janko Prester'

const job = 'Front End Developer'

const skills = ['javascript', 'css', 'React.js', 'Vue.js', 'UI design'];

if (this.props.visitorIsInterested) {

return getWebsiteInfo(name, job, skills);


Profile Picture

About me

This is the website where you can find information about my skills, experience and contacts. I have more than 5 years experience in design and development of websites and web apps using the most recent technologies. While my formal education resulted in Masters Degree in economics I decided that I am far more interested in tech field so I focused my career development in that area. If you need more detailed information about my work you can download my cv or get in touch with me with one of the links below.

Beside my work in IT I used to worked as a DJ and music producer for several years and I also enjoy blogging and travel in my free time.